Welcome to Kreft's Couch

Where holistic psychology, energetics, & consciousness come together.

Welcome to Kreft's Couch

Where psychology, energy, & consciousness come together.


The Sanctuary

You KNOW the nervous system is a big deal. Everyone is talking about it & how it pretty much affects EVERYTHING... anxiety, depression, sleep, insecurities, physical health, feeling too scared to leap toward your dreams… You name it, the nervous system affects it. 

The Sanctuary is your place to gain awareness, commit to the tools, connect with other and quite literally, change your life.


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Hello! I am Dr. Janine Kreft, the owner & founder of Kreft's Couch.


I am so excited to facilitate your conscious transformation & awakening. I am a holistic, spiritual, & trauma informed psychologist turned mental wellness & energetics mentor with a passion to empower your thriving. I’m here to guide you through moving past subconscious blocks, make aligned decisions w ease, & claiming your personal potency.

I integrate my knowledge to facilitate transformation by tuning the symphony of frequencies in the body. The root is always a held vibration, so by incorporating quantum linguistics, we easily move past the energetic jail cell of the mind.

Will you choose it?

I commit to walk alongside you to assist in breaking free of subconscious programming that has locked you in overwhelm & stagnation. With a compassionate, no BS & straight to the point approach, we recover blind spots that have been out of your conscious awareness. 


Are you ready to embody the authentic YOU?


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